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Broadway Backwards 6th

Monday, February 7, 2011, 8:00 PMLongacre Theatre220 West 48th St, NYC
Tickets for Broadway Backwards are sold out. If you are interested in attending, please call 212.840.0770, ext. 268 on Wednesday, February 2 to inquire about the availability of newly released tickets.
BROADWAY BACKWARDS 6, the only Broadway event custom-made for the gay and lesbian community, our friends and families, takes to the stage again for a star-studded, one-night only event, February 7 at Broadway's Longacre Theatre (220 W. 48th Street).
This year’s performers include winners of 11 individual Tony Awards, including Hinton Battle (Miss Saigon), Len Cariou (Sweeney Todd and CBS’s Blue Bloods), Alan Cumming (Cabaret and CBS's The Good Wife), Debra Monk (Curtains), Denis O'Hare (Take Me Out and HBO's True Blood), Bebe Neuwirth (The Addams Family), Karen Olivo (West Side Story) and Lillias White (Fela!) – and 1 Academy Award-winner, F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus).
Also joining the star-studded cast are American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken (Spamalot), Brooks Ashmanskas (Promises, Promises), Ward Billeisen (Anything Goes), Tituss Burgess (The Little Mermaid), Robin De Jesús (La Cage aux Folles), Colman Domingo (Scottsboro Boys), Mandy Gonzalez (Wicked), Jose Llana (Wonderland), Bobby Steggert (Ragtime), Brian Charles Rooney (The Threepenny Opera), Jason Tam (A Chorus Line) and Tony Yazbeck (Gypsy).
The show is produced by Broadway Cares and will benefit BC/EFA and The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center of New York City.
BROADWAY BACKWARDS will feature some of Broadway's biggest names singing songs originally written for the opposite gender: women singing songs written for men and men singing songs written for women. By keeping all of the lyrics intact, including the original pronouns, each song takes on an entirely new dimension, sometimes with hysterical results and sometimes with immensely touching results. BROADWAY BACKWARDS will give its audience a chance to see and hear some of the most treasured songs of the Great White Way in a whole new key.
Creator Robert Bartley will again direct and choreograph with co-choreographer/associate director Kathryn Kendall and musical direction by Chris Haberl. The creative team also includes lighting designer Paul Miller, costumer designer Philip Heckman and musical supervisor Patrick Vaccariello.
BROADWAY BACKWARDS began as a grassroots concert performed at the Center in 2006. In subsequent years, the event grew quickly, performing Off-Broadway at 37 Arts, followed by Roundabout's American Airlines Theatre and last year at Lincoln Center Theater at the Vivian Beaumont.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Queer Questions Straight Talk - Author Abby Dees

Queer Questions Straight Talk is subtitled “108 frank & provocative questions it’s OK to ask your lesbian, gay or bisexual loved one.” That pretty much sums up what this book is about. There is some introductory material and then the questions are split into sections, with a little discussion ahead of time, but mostly just questions to ponder. The book is meant to be used to open conversation between someone who falls into what Dees calls the “LesBiGay” category and their straight loved ones.
When this book was offered to me for review, I warned the publicist that I’m REALLY REALLY SLOW at reading nonfiction, and she assured me that this book was different. She was right. It’s a very small book, short and thin, and definitely easy to read. A good half of it deals with questions – questions that aren’t answered, but that are presented as conversation materials. The point is that Dees wasn’t answering these questions herself, but was trying to generate talk between parties. Each of us possibly asked these questions would have a different response. I flew through the book. When I finally sat down to read it, it took me less than an hour to finish.
Dees explores tons of different avenues and has talked to many people. I was particularly impressed with something she said in the introduction, something that I’ve struggled with myself (though I’m not going into details here, sorry). To me, that little detail is what really hooked me, the time and effort she put into her research and studies. She was very thorough, and I appreciated that.
Unfortunately, this is the sort of book that it’s difficult to get much out of on its own. It’s simply not the sort of book that’s meant to work by itself. It’s meant to be a tool to help get people talking. At the end, what I was left with was a wish that I had someone that I could talk to. As a bisexual woman who has been living in a monogamous relationship with her husband for the last 11 years, I’ve honestly had no reason to talk to anyone about my sexuality if I don’t want to. My family can be quite judgemental in this area, so other than my cousins (who thankfully didn’t inherit those judgemental views), siblings (same), and my dad (who’s better than most), I’ve never bothered to tell anyone. I don’t see the point. It would just be uncomfortable for all of us and I really don’t want to deal with it. I have that right, of course, but it’s funny because for those people I don’t mind telling (cousins, siblings, my dad, friends, all you lovely bloggers), I’m not sure this book would help us. It might be useful if I ever tell my mom, or someone else who I know simply wouldn’t understand.
I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen. I’m not sure if the people who I haven’t told and could tell would be willing to read this book and have a conversation either. You have to be the right sort of person to read this book and be willing to ask questions. That limits its market. But! Having a limited market does not make the book pointless, not by any means. Instead, it caters to what will hopefully be a growing body of people trying to understand something they might have previously had misconceptions about. It’s good that books like this are out there and available. I hope one day I get to hand my copy to a friend or family member and open discussions. And if I know anyone else having this same conversation, I will definitely recommend this book.

Living The Difference - Author J.C. Knudson

Sep 06, 2010 – Espresso House Publishing & Distribution, LLC, has published LIVING THE DIFFERENCE: an enlightening story revealed for people of all ages straight or gay by J. C. Knudson. The author's most recent book to date is a 5.5 x 8.5 paperback in the autobiography category and is available worldwide on book retailer websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. LIVING THE DIFFERENCE is also available in its 5.5 x 8.5 hardback edition with jacket. The webpage at was launched simultaneously with the book's publication. J. C. Knudson always knew he was different. Growing up in the small-town South during the 1960s and ’70s, he didn’t know what to make of his growing sense that he just wasn’t interested in the same thing as his friends -- girls. Was something wrong with him? Could it change? And -- most of all -- were there others who felt the same as he did? Living the Difference is the first in a remarkable coming-of-age series that chronicles Knudson’s quest to understand himself and make his way in the world as a proud gay man. This raw, intensely personal book details his early efforts to inhibit his desires through marriage; to seek out a community of like-minded people; to start a career free from discrimination; to come out to his family and friends; and to find true love, once and for all. More than just one individual’s unique story, Living the Difference is required reading for anyone trying to understand the twentieth-century American gay experience -- in a time before widespread media acceptance and anti-discrimination laws. This heartening yet frankly realistic memoir will also give hope and understanding to those coming to terms with the sexuality of themselves or their loved ones. Its message -- of acceptance, tolerance, and understanding -- provides good counsel, no matter the time or place. 242 pages in length, LIVING THE DIFFERENCE: an enlightening story revealed for people of all ages straight or gay is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the autobiography category. With U.S. wholesale distribution through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and pervasive online availability through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and elsewhere, LIVING THE DIFFERENCE meets consumer demand through both retail and library markets with a suggested retail price of $14.95 and $29.95 for the paperback and hardback editions, respectively. Additionally, LIVING THE DIFFERENCE can be ordered by retailers or wholesalers for the maximum trade discount price set by the author in quantities of ten or more from the Outskirts Press Direct bookstore at ISBN: 9780578062716 Format: 5.5 x 8.5 paperback cream SRP: $14.95 ISBN: 9780578063096 Format: 5.5 x 8.5 hardback w/ jacket SRP: $29.95 For more information or to contact the author, visit About the author: J. C. Knudson was raised in South Dakota and Oklahoma. An entrepreneur and small businessman, he holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and business administration. Knudson and his ex-wife are the parents of two adopted sons; today, Knudson lives with his partner in Oklahoma City. Living the Difference is the first in a planned series. He blogs at

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True Romance: Fifty years together, lived out loud

Jack Evans, left, and George Harris are celebrating their 50th anniversary by going on a cruise in April. The portrait behind them was taken on their 40th anniversary.
By KATHLEEN GREEN / Special Contributor
Published 23 January 2011 10:11 AM
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Jack Evans and George Harris reminisce about their 50-year journey, amazed that it’s gone so fast.
As they recall their accomplishments together — from running a successful real estate business to starting their own networking group to serving on numerous boards — it’s little wonder that half a century has flown by.
Jack and George have been together since they first met at a friend’s bon voyage party on Jan. 19, 1961.
“After three days, there was never any question,” says Jack, now 80.
They shared a love for travel, the arts and community involvement. Jack was in the banking business and George worked in the trucking industry before they decided to join forces in the real estate business.
For nearly a decade, they worked in their own office on Lomo Alto, then moved to Adleta Fine Properties, eventually switching to Ellen Terry Realtors. Spending so much time together might be daunting for most couples, but they’ve made it work.
“We work together and live together, which creates its own challenges,” George says. “Relationships are difficult because we’re all different people, but it’s what you want and what you want out of life. {ellipsis} It takes commitment and you have to care.”
They both agree that hard work and mutual admiration have made it work. George says he admires Jack’s varied palette of interests, from art to photography. And Jack knows that a good book is always a perfect gift for bookworm George. But in their earlier years together, the two had to keep their relationship under wraps.
“Back when we got together, everything was underground,” says George, now 77. “There was no fraternizing. {ellipsis}They only had a couple of gay bars back then. Most of the entertainment was at home. I can’t believe we have gone from getting arrested in bars to dancing at the Anatole at the Black Tie Dinner.”
Times have changed in Dallas and in metro areas across the United States and, as Jack points out, it does get better.
When George was hospitalized for three weeks in 2006, Jack stayed by his side and was pleasantly surprised by how accepting the staff was.
“Not one time during all of that did I have a doctor, an intern or nurse or anybody question what I was there for,” says Jack. Over the years, they both say they’ve worked hard to gain wider acceptance in the world.
When they bought their first home in 1964, they couldn’t get a mortgage under both names, Jack says.
“The first two houses we bought had to be in my name alone because mortgage companies would not allow two people who were not married to borrow money to buy a house,” he says.
Despite all this, Jack and George have made inroads elsewhere. They have been high-profile in both the business and gay-lesbian community, launching the Stonewall Professional Business Association. Their networking group started with a handful of friends at lunch in 1992 and now touts more than 400 members.
“When I got to Dallas and we met up, I said, ‘I want to try to make a difference,’ ” says George, who is working on a book about his ordeal with the military back in the ’50s, having been kicked out because of his sexual orientation.
“I want to set a good example for these kids and that’s what we’ve tried to do with being on these boards.”
But as they head into their golden years, Jack and George have scaled back on such endeavors to make time for art-museum outings and trips, such as an upcoming cruise down the Mexican Riviera to mark their anniversary milestone.
“It’s gone so quickly,” says George. It’s just unbelievable. We’ve had a great time. We’ve had some wonderful houses and good careers. If we can keep our health going, we don’t have any complaints.”
Kathleen Green is a Plano freelance writer. If you have a True Romance suggestion, e-mail

Runway Waiters

RunwayWaiters is a Model Staffing Agency that combines beauty, style and skills to deliver premier, five-star service! We offer High Fashion and Runway models to enhance special events, parties and upscale marketing campaigns. Clients include Louis Vuitton, Armani Exchange, William Morris Agency, GQ, ABC, DSquared2, Cavali, Hermes, McClaren, UK Playstation, Activision to name a few. We are committed to helping models succeed in the modeling industry by eliminating the struggle of juggling random jobs while going out for castings. We understand the instability of the modeling industry which sometimes can lead to a financial crunch. Therefore, we developed a company that provides models with jobs that are flexible, fun, and well paid. RunwayWaiters is a win/win concept that accommodates both parties. Whether you're a model in need of a job or an event producer looking for models to spark up your venue, RunwayWaiters are here to help you.Our Staff include• Bartenders• Host/Hostess• Cocktail Servers • Wait Staff• Brand Ambassadors• Check in/Door staff• Convention/Trade Shows Spokesmodels• DancersRunwayWaiters has an extensive database of individually screened staff from which to select a team most suited to your particular event. All of our models are carefully hand picked to mantain our very high standards of professional excellence!For Bookings and Inquiries please email or call (310)994-6231

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Take Me Out

Much of the play is set in the locker room of a professional baseball team, and as such has an all-male cast and explores themes of homophobia, racism, class and masculinity in sport.
The play's main character, Darren Lemming (portrayed by
Daniel Sunjata), is a popular mixed-race baseball player at the peak of his career when he decides to come out. Several of his teammates react strongly (some supportive and accepting, and some not so accepting), and the drama plays out over the course of the baseball season with tragic consequences.
Glenn Burke was out to teammates and team owners in the 1970s and Billy Bean came out in 1999 after retiring from playing in Major League Baseball for eight seasons, at the time of the writing of this play no major-league baseball player had ever come out to the public during his career. This play is the dramatic exploration of what such an event might be like. Many believe the inspiration for Lemmings is American Major League Baseball player Derek Jeter.

The Next Fairy Tale

Coming Next to the Mainstage:The Next Fairy Tale A world premiere musical, opening March 11 Previews begin March 2

Book, Music and Lyrics by Brian PugachDirected by Michael ShepperdProduced by John Michael Beck, Ryan Bergmann, Parnell Damone, Cameron Faber and Brian PugachMusic Direction and Vocal Arrangements by Wayne MooreChoreographed by Jeffrey Polk
Featuring (*Members of Actors' Equity): Rachel Genevieve*, Christopher Maikish*, Gina Torrecilla*, Kendra Munger*, Patrick Gomez, Charls Sedgwick Hall*, Stephanie Fredricks*, Nell Teare*, Vash Bodie and Ben Caron*The Fairy Godmothers had never hesitated to help a hero save his true love--but then again, they had never met one whose true love was a fellow prince. Now, as Copernicus and his unlikely Godmother Hazel begin a quest like no other, the storybook world stands on the brink of change...and forces are gathering to stop it at all costs.
Tune in to the The Next Fairy Tale's first radio interview tomorrow at 7:30AM airing on

Nowhere Boy

Imagine... John Lennon's childhood. Liverpool, 1955: a smart and troubled fifteen–year–old is hungry for experience. In a family full of secrets, two incredible women clash over John: Mimi, the buttoned–up aunt who raised him, and Julia, the prodigal mother. Yearning for a normal family, John escapes into the new and exciting world of rock 'n' roll where his fledgling genius finds a kindred spirit in the teenage Paul McCartney. Just as John begins his new life, tragedy strikes. But a resilient young man finds his voice—and an icon explodes into the world.

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The winner of Survivor 21: Nicaragua, Judd Birza (who was known as “Fabio” on the show) has been busy since winning the million dollar prize. It seems the stud is staying true to what you’d expect from someone who goes by the name of “Fabio,” starring in this very sexual, cheeseball movie where he is apparently in his underwear the whole time. The film is called “1313: Nightmare Mansion”. The plot: “In 1313 Nightmare Mansion, a demonic young man lures his high school classmates to a party so that he can sacrifice their souls and bring his dead mother, killed during the Salem witch trials 300 years ago, back to life.”It’s like a gay Fabio romance novel come to life. The funny thing is, one of the taglines for the movie is “A Supernatural Thriller For Girls”. HA! Try for GAYS! When you watch the trailer, you’ll see what I mean: Guys in their underwear, caressing each other talking about their desires, Fabio licking a knife like a shaft at the command of another half naked guy, and lines like, “Where did my clothes go?”
The film by Vancouver’s own David DeCoteau may look cheesy, but I can’t help but want to watch it. I love thrillers and well, pair that up with guys with amazing bodies walking around in tighty whities the whole time…grab the popcorn, It’s “Girls (or Gays in this case) Night In In!”


Just in Time for Valentine's Day!
Hosted by J. Keith van Straaten

Returns to L.A. By Popular Demand.

WHAT: Drew Carey, Dick Cavett, Jeff Garlin, Alex Borstein, Susan Olsen, Aasif Mandvi, and Will Wheaton are among the stars who recently joined this live-on-stage panel/matchmaking comedy show, where real celebrity guests help real singles looking for love. Two strangers get fixed up on a date before your eyes, as Host/Creator J. Keith van Straaten (“Beat The Geeks,” “What’s My Line? – Live On Stage”) keeps things running with spontaneity, civility, and fun. Celebrity guests for this run will be announced shortly. Updated info available at

WHEN: Wednesdays at 8pm February 2 (w/Margaret Cho), 9 (w/Doug Benson), 16, 23 (w/Tippi Hedren)
March 2 (W/Bruce Vilanch), 9 (W/Alan Thicke), 16, 23, 30
WHERE: ACME Comedy Theatre – 135 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles. 90036

TICKETS: $15 at door. $12 in advance via

PHONE/WEB: (646) 450-4FIX [4349] / / twitter: @thefixupshow

INFO: THE FIX-UP SHOW brings together a panel of three people—two who know an eligible single well, and one celebrity who has never met the person—and has them interrogate potential suitors to make a match. The matched pair wins a meal at Amalfi restaurant and goes on a real date! How did our panel do? Find out next week!
It’s “I’ve Got A Secret” meets “Love Connection” –live on the Los Angeles stage. A dating show with heart –spontaneity, hilarity, and civility are guaranteed. Old or young, gay or straight, all are given a chance to find love on THE FIX-UP SHOW.

WHO: Host/Producer J. Keith van Straaten hosted "What's My Line? - Live on Stage," and Comedy Central's TV game show “Beat The Geeks” and is often seen commenting on E! Entertainment Television. His essays on dating and Los Angeles have appeared in The Jewish Journal, Tango, and Backstage. More at Patti Goettlicher returns to “The Fix-Up Show” after appearing in the successful New York run. She also played hostess to J. Keith during the New York run of “What's My Line? - Live On Stage.”Celebrity guests for this run will be announced shortly. Updated info available at

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RuPaul's Drag Race

She's BACK! Monday's are a drag when RuPaul makes her glorious return to Logo with the biggest, glitziest, campiest reality competition show on TV. An all NEW season of RuPaul's Drag Race brings you a brand new cast of astounding queens, all vying for the coveted title of America's Next Drag Superstar. Tune in tonight at starting at 9pm for the Casting Extravaganza followed by the first episode at 10pm!

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Greg Rempe's BBQ Sauce

Here is the famous Greg Rempe's BBQ Sauce...Enjoy it.

2 cups - Apple Cider Vinegar1 1/4 cups - ketchup1/2 cup - beer1/2 cup - water1/2 cup - brown sugar1/2 cup - cloverleaf honey1/2 teaspoon - black pepper2 teaspoon - Good chili powder1 teaspoon - onion powder1 teaspoon - garlic powder1 teaspoon - celery salt6 shakes of Worcestershire sauce

Combine all ingredients in to a sauce pot...bring up to just a boil then reduce heat to med-low...cook until desired consistency (I usually cook for about 3hrs or so until a really dark red color is achieved). Remember, the sauce will be very thin starting it cooks, the sauce will reduce and thicken up...also, during the reduction the taste will become more "concentrated" or "rich" taste test through the cooking process. Stir a few times an hour.

If you want to add heat, use cayenne pepper or some kind of "pepper jelly"...I use Texas Pepper Jelly (Pineapple Hanbenero) in mine... buy the big jar and add 1/2 the product at the end to let in cook in to the sauce. That website is

Theater Review DADDY

DADDY plays at the Hudson Theater, Main Stage located at
6539 Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood, CA. January 8th to February 13th. This play is written my Dan Via and directed by Rick Sparks stars Gerald McCullouch from CSI fame. Ian Verdun and Dan Via. Jeffrey Patrick Olson, Nik Roybal & Rene Ruiz make up the rest of the cast. Curtin is 8 PM, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays and 7 PM Sundays.
Unfortunately, I have to agree with my friends that a recommendation to see Daddy would not only disappoint for any serious theater aficionado, but also less frequent attendees.
The only scene where I became enraptured by the cast… was the curtain call. At that point, their smiles radiated a genuine humanity that was missing from the previous 90 minutes.
I can’t point out any outrageous flaws with the book / script, other ten the proscenium was breached at one scene and they had out dated repetitive baseball coverage looped over and over. I have to call it a one-trick-pony which is pretty much true. Outside of typical relationship squabbles that weren’t particularly interesting (and a few light giggles), the play relies on “the revelation” near the end. I’m a little slow on the uptake, but I received the telegraph loud and clear before the delivery men showed up.
The “intense emotional” segments seemed to accelerate from zero to sixty within seconds. Suddenly, a shouting match! That’s partly the script and partly the fault of the director. I believe that all of the principals could do a slow burn that explodes, but little of that came across. There was a developing tension between the characters, but it seemed so forced and scripted that I couldn’t enter into “their world”.
That is, perhaps, the biggest sin of this production: I NEVER forgot that I was watching a play. I didn’t become emotionally committed to any of the characters and I usually have tons of empathy to spare. (One the extras – nice beard and nice butt – provided eye-candy now and then, but that’s not nearly enough to build a show upon.)
I felt I was watching a production a good two weeks away from opening night. I have seen high school productions that grabbed me more then this performance did.
The staging? Fine. I wasn’t really bothered – or actually aware of – the actors moving from mark to mark most of the time.
Gratuitous nudity? It wouldn’t hurt, but I don’t think it would save the production.
I love to love plays. But this one falls significantly short of some of the “classic” plays I’ve seen produced by a good amateur Troupe.
DADDY plays at the Hudson Theater, Main Stage located at
6539 Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood, CA. January 8th to February 13th. for tickets call 323-960-7738 or go to